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Kinloch Bed & Breakfast is our new venture. We are enjoying a more relaxed pace of life and love offering great hospitality and a warm welcome to international visitors on whom we can practise our French, German, Spanish or any other intriguing language that comes our way! Allow us to introduce ourselves to you on this page.

Pauline Connolly -

semi-retired teacher and would be artist/designer.


Specialist areas

1: Housekeeping

2: Keeping Lindsay in order.


Telephone number

44 01337 597017



Lindsay Easton


Retired GP enjoying having more time to enjoy art, culture, travel and his life-long passion, wildlife. Sadly talented at eating, gifted even, he is now working on his cooking. Sadly, his marathon running days are behind him.


Specialist areas:

1.  Bon vivant

2.  Raconteur extraordinaire

3.  Being kept in order by Pauline, his daughters and grandchildren.



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Kinloch Bed & Breakfast

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